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Maxava have a long-established Partner Support Program. We firmly believe that your success is our success and we are highly motivated to help our partners thrive.


We offer a Co-Funded Marketing plan to help you get the message out. These joint funds can be used for Events, Case Studies, Press Releases, Advertising and Targeted Campaigns. Maxava will often develop Special Partner Programs such as our Covid-19 Program


Maxava provides a mix of both online and in-classroom certification training. Our customers will often require local support and we look to our partners to provide this.  Formal certification is available for partners who want to provide Administration Support, Level 1 Maintenance Services and full Implementation capability


We want to help you close business quickly and easily.

We offer generous software margins and payment terms, and commissions on implementations, support and maintenance.

We will often join our partners on sales calls and live demo’s


We are always there for our partners when it comes to supporting the Maxava Solutions and Software.

Our team is located in major centers around the world with offices in North America, Asia Pacific, Japan and Europe. We provide follow the sun 24-hour live support

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