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Special Covid-19 Partner Program

valid to 31 August 2020

Maxava appreciates that Covid-19 has caused sales disruption for our many partners as they navigate the new world of lockdowns, quarantines and travel bans. We are acting now with a program for partners to provide additional flexibility until the crisis subsides – because your success is our success.

Effective, Fast and Easy!

Key features include:

  • Extended payment terms.

  • Increased commission on software.

  • Discounted Maxava HA implementations.    

  • 90 days free post implementation monitoring and support (maxAssured).

  • 45-day no obligation cancellation period.

  • Co-funding marketing available.

  • Free online training.

Are you interested in joining our Partner Program?   Let’s Talk!

For more information on our special Covid-19 program

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