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As a specialist provider in the IBM i space check out our new Enterprise HA Swap Out program. The competitive replacement program gives your customers much more than just High Availability recovery software. It is a total, 360-degree solution bundle that gives them what they really want, for a price that may be very similar to what they already pay today for another High Availability recovery solution.

Through the competitive replacement program, customers have genuine and compelling reasons to buy or switch to Maxava solutions. It is not a hard sell! Maxava pricing is competitive whether your customer is a top end LUG customer, or at the smaller end of town.

Our total solution approach gives you the opportunity to drive more monthly revenue from Disaster Recovery, Archiving and Monitoring services while continuing to nurture your own close relationship with your customers.

The Maxava HA Swap Out Program includes

A 36-month replacement license includes:

  • Maxava HA Enterprise+ HA/DR with Simulated Role Swap.

  • Maxava Monitor Mi8 for HA/DR.

  • Maxava Archive CPR.

A fixed, one-time installation cost

Free Admin Training

Free Emergency Declaration Support

360 protection.png

Help your customers achieve greater results with similar spend.

Your customers may be wasting valuable time and money keeping their old high availability software in sync. Is it time for a change? If a product can’t take care of itself, how is it going to take care of them?


Introducing the Maxava HA Swap Out Program, a cost-effective bundle of key products that deliver multiple levels of defense to ensure that your critical data is safe and available 24X7.

For more information on our HA Swap Out program

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